Steve’s Story

My journey began in 1969. I was made a ‘Ward of the State’ and placed in Turana Youth Training Centre, Victoria.

I was 12 years of age.

This was the start of my 25-year addiction to heroin, speed and other drugs. I progressed from Turana on to Pentridge Prison, which became my home on and off for the next 20 years. By that stage I was well and truly institutionalised and a criminal by trade.

In 1992, I was released from prison but didn’t know it would be my last time… I was 35 years old. I wanted to change and began taking accountability for my actions. Once I took ownership of my life and lifestyle, I began to become the man I am today. It hasn’t been easy. I became clean of drugs and sought help for other issues. I have not looked back. I have not failed myself.

Today, I’m able to use my life experiences to help others break free of the barriers preventing them from becoming their best.


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“My story is not unique… but my ability to facilitate with passion, honesty, and energy is.”

Steve Cain

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