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Lessons learned on the journey from gutter to glory.

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In today’s busy corporate world, there are team and personal challenges that prevent us from achieving our goals.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Having overcome anxiety, post-traumatic stress, drug and alcohol addictions, and a criminal background, I understand how to rise from the brink and seize success.

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It’s never too late

to define who you are.

For most of my early life, I was in the gutter—sentenced to hell as a ward of the state at the age of 12 which led to drug addiction and a life in and out of prison.

But then I turned my life around.

It’s been 30+ years—a lifetime—since I was released from prison for the last time. Today, I use my life experiences to inspire and empower others so they too can rise to the promise of their full potential.

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What my clients say

Such an inspirational storyteller. So many messages of hope. I loved it.

Anna - Business Owner

This is not the usual “be the best you can be” type motivational speaker we’ve all had to sit through at corporate events. Its raw, heartfelt, brutal, at times dark but a genuinely inspirational message from someone who has faced his demons and turned his life around. Steves story is quite unbelievable. Ive never seen my Managers more captivated. A must for any corporate conference – a speaker to completely hold the attention of a group of 10 in a boardroom or a gathering of hundreds. Simply brilliant.

Andrew - Company Director

Steve shed a very informative insight on his life and what he is doing now in the community for local youth.

He is a really inspiring individual who has done an outstanding job, both as an individual and with his programs for youth in his community.

A real inspiration to those who have hit hurdles in their life and a great bloke to go with it.

Simon - Consultant

Many people work hard to make a difference to others but when a person uses their own obstacles and heart wrenching challenges to help others avoid similar situations and provide them with positive pathways, it is something special.

Steve Cain - raw, vulnerable and breathtaking, someone who has experienced more than most people ever do, things many of us can’t even imagine. He makes no excuses and spends him time giving back to those who need it most.

Erin - State Manager

"No judgements” no matter who the person is there is always a back story and that story is in the past get beyond this its about different choices ..with the right information and guidance have someone in your corner to help you to reset and identify what your passion is ..then its up to us to choose our path …at the core the one person in life you need to rely on is you! Everyone has an opportunity to change… and Steve Cain is truly testimony to this …such an inspirational story for everyone!

Debbie - National Manager Finance Industry

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“My story is not unique… but my ability to facilitate with passion, honesty, and energy is.”

Steve Cain

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